Bet on dedicated labels

In order to make an effective marketing tool of advertising water, one shall consider all questions related to production of labels. Graphic design should follow the guidelines presented in the Book of Logos, in particular, with regard to colours, logo and font types. Although most producers offer free graphic designs for putting on the bottles, it is recommended to think of the elements which they should present. The good practice, apart from the basic information on the company are also mottos, advertising slogans or expressions of thanks. The contents of the label shall refer to your industry and key values representing your business.

Realisation is also an important issue. Advertising water makes a kind off a showpiece of your company, therefore the label shall be well-made and resistant to external factors. The choice of INK JET UV printing technology is the good choice, as it can be distinguished by high durability. The labels may be made in various colours. Preferably, silver and golden versions are chosen, as they look impressive. Many entrepreneurs decide to put convex logo, made in hot-stamping technology. In order to be distinguished among other companies, it is possible to order labels in various shapes. Most often, producers use laser dies to make them, which allows for precise projection of any format.