Fruit juices with your logo

Standard and multiplying promotional gadgets which can be met nearly everywhere do not have much impact on anybody. We mainly speak of note books, ball-pens, calendars, mugs or logo strap lanyards. Usually, these gadgets are kept forgotten at the bottom of the drawer and logos printed on them won’t affect the way they should. Therefore, we developed an unusual concept which turned out to be the bull’s eye hit. Next to advertising beverages with logos offered by us, it shall be an ideal alternative, it is not boring, but indecently tasty! We offer fruit juices with your company’s logo or brand name. Undoubtedly, that idea shall work, independent of the company’s business profile. Delicious fruit juice without preservatives will be loved equally by children and adults, for whom healthy nutrition is the priority. We are sure, that the customers will be delighted with it, especially, that they’ll have the most popular flavours to choose from: apple, orange and black currant. What is more important, the ordering persons will have some influence on the design of the label on the bottle. A drawing, comic or even a photo can be put there. Fruit juice with logo will undoubtedly be noticed and its high quality and delicious taste will correlate good impression with the specific brand.

In our company, we are focused on good relations; therefore, we don’t determine the minimum order quantity. We are able to realise any quantity of juice and beverage bottles with your logo. On the label, we can put any additional text – motto of your business activity, citation or funny poem. We don’t put any limitations here, as well. We will print everything which comes to minds of our customers.

Tasty, and most importantly, healthy juice offers the inestimable dose of vitamins, that way everyone can show their respect and care for the customer. It is also an extremely original method of turning attention to the offer of a specific company, which will surely be appreciated, one for the reasons being the creativity. Order our unique juice fruit with your brand logo as its unusual decoration! We encourage enterprises, organisations, as well as individuals to contact us. Together, we will create original labels for the juice fruit bottles

Available flavours of our fruit juices with logo: orange, apple, black currant.

Minimum order quantity of juice with logo 100 pcs.