Iced coffee with your Logo

Iced coffee with logo as an alternative to energy drinks.

It perfectly stimulates, sharpens one’s senses, adds strength for being active, and above all, it tastes delicious.

Iced coffee in a can with Your Logo shall work perfectly as the promotional tool for your company.

Choose the advertising canned coffee!

You want to be distinguished among your competitors? You want to be remembered by your customers?

Add some energy to your clients and refresh them with private label iced coffee.

Full Colour print – no additional fees for more colours

Minimum order quantity – 504 pcs

Short lead time

Minimum ‘use by’ date – 12 months.


Logistic information :

24 cans = one multipack.

21,5 cm (S) x 32,4 cm (D) x 13,7 cm (W) = size of the multipack.

6,6 kg = weight of the multipack.

120 multipacks = one euro pallet

120 x 80 cm = size of the euro pallet.

2880 pcs of cans quantity on one euro pallet.

152 cm and 817 kg = height and weight of one complete euro pallet.

0,27 kg = weight of one can.