Regulations and Rules of Cooperation

Regulations and Rules of Cooperation

1. General Information

– The portal located at, hereinafter referred to as ST DRINK, is run by ST Drink – Napoje Reklamowe Sp. z o.o. based in Myśliborzyce 7a, 49-314 Pisarzowice Poland, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor.

– This document is a form of contract between ST DRINK and Customer using

– Orders can be submitted Customers who:

1. sent a request to the e-mail, received an offer and accepted it

2. read a regualtions and accepted it.

– ST DRINK undertakes do not share contact details our Client for third parties. These data are used only in order to properly settle orders, deliver them to the right address, contacts necessary for the execution of orders, informing contractors about significant changes in the offer and marketing activities. By accepting the Regulations, the Customer agrees to receive information by e-mail, in accordance with the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144 of 2002, item 1204).

2. Realization of orders

– ST DRINK gives information about the delivery dates in the offers. Each Client is informed individually about the date of completion order by the ST DRINK employee.

– All deadlines are given in working days. Working day means every day except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other days off from work.

– The deadline for the order execution is counted from the date of posting the pre-payment and sending correctly prepared files for printing.
Deadline for implementation is extended by a period resulting from a change in the arrangements or the occurrence of obstacles of a higher nature, independent of the Contractor.

– If the Contractor fails, Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract. Termination of the contract should be sent by e-mail as well as via Poczta Polska or by courier. The Contractor has the right to issue the Customer an invoice for the services and products, which made.

– Contractor requires the delivery of a computer file prepared for printing according to the specifications on the website.
Customer is liable for legal defects resulting from the content and form of the work submitted for printing, including any violation of the rights of third parties.

– Customer declares that the submitted work is free of viruses and will not cause software or computer hardware malfunctions. Contractor is not responsible for improper preparation of files for printing. The works are printed in the form in which they were delivered for printing. Contractor is not obliged to make corrections and modifications to the files sent by Customer.

– The electronic media on which the work is delivered is not sent back to the customer.
After two weeks from the order, the electronic media and its contents are destroyed.
The intellectual property of the Customer contained in his files sent via the Internet to ST DRINK is protected against access by third parties.

– The shipment is carried out by post or a shipping company.
The deadline for delivery by the shipping company is 48 hours (except on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

– Customer is bearing the cost of sending materials for printing and completed order.
ST DRINK is not liable for damage caused during transport and for the untimely nature of suppliers.

– At the Customer’s request and cost, the parcel may be insured. Materials provided at our expense will be re-invoiced.
Please check the condition of the parcel in the presence of the delivery agent, and in the event of problems to draw up a damage report with the carrier’s signature.

– Personally, the order can be picked up at the company’s headquarters after prior arrangement with Contractor.

3. Prices&Payment

– The prices given are net prices.
VAT is added to every price.

– At the time of placing an order by the Customer, a financial liability is created automatically due to its implementation.

– Withdrawal of the order is possible only if the project provided by Client has not been put into print yet.
A request to withdraw a request by Customer should be submitted in writing only.

– Customers make payments by making a prepayment to the account specified by ST DRINK, before the order is processed.

– Customers who have been granted by ST DRINK deferred payment terms regulate their claims by bank transfer within 7 days of issuing the VAT invoice. In the event of late payment, interest will be charged at 0.2% on the gross amount for each day of delay.

– The payment date is the date on which the funds are credited to your account.

– In the case of new clients, ST DRINK requests prepayment before the order is processed.

4. Complaints

– Works in the form of a graphic file are printed in the form in which are delivered by Customer.
ST DRINK is not obliged to check, make corrections and modify.
Customer declares that he is aware of the restrictions imposed by flexographic printing and digital printing and accepts their consequences, including small color differences that may occur in relation to the image observed on the monitor or printing the same work on different machines.
Such differences are not subject to complaint.

– ST DRINK may consider a complaint for color differences.
However, a prerequisite in this case is to provide a proof copy before printing (Proof, Cromalin, etc.) on the basis of which the colors of work are controlled. Customer can make a printing test print in ST DRINK.
In this case, the printout is made on the basis of a print, after its prior acceptance by the customer.

– ST DRINK also accepts sample prints provided by Customer made in technology that allows simulations of enlarging raster points in offset printing.
The base color of the print should match the color of the print paper.
The proof should be certified, i.e. should contain a control strip and a measurement result confirming compliance with the given profile.
A copy without a control strip is not a reliable comparative material.
The proof should be made after the last correction from the materials provided to the printing house, otherwise it is not a reliable basis for printing.

– Complaints regarding non-compliance with the order must be notified in writing within 48 hours of receiving the package.
Repeated execution of the order or payment reimbursement may take place only after Contractor has returned the entire ordered circulation.
Complaints are sent by courier to the ordering party at the expense of Customer.

– Complaints regarding the quality of printing in the event that 100% of the printed issue will not be sent will be treated negatively.
Within 7 working days of receipt of the claimed circulation by ST DRINK, the complaint will be considered and the ST DRINK employee will inform customer about how to resolve it.
In the event of a negative consideration of the complaint, Customer shall bear the costs of delivery and re-sending the goods complained about.
Complaints regarding damage to shipments in transport must be reported at the time of receipt of the goods.
The recipient is obliged to prepare a complaint report with the participation of a forwarding company and immediately notify ST DRINK in writing.
Complaints that do not meet the given procedure will not be considered.

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